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Self Care is tricky - it's such a buzzword! But what does it actually mean for you?


Spend an hour with Hannah's Enchantments at Shelf Indulgence Used Book Cafe on April 20th at 6pm diving deep into what self care looks like for YOU - no talk of face masks and bubble baths (unless that's something you're really into!) You'll leave with a plan for maximizing your self care and steering clear of things that just make you feel worse.

You'll take home:

*Enchant Yourself workbook - all the activities we'll do together and MORE! And you can purchase the Spring Enchantments workbook at DEEP DISCOUNT in person!

*A plan for creating time for self care that brings YOU joy!

*An hour spent focusing entirely on YOU - a great gift any time of year!

*A belly full of warm treats and maybe a book or two (Shelf's cafe and bookstore will be open during the workshop!)

*Hannah's undying gratitude for supporting her small business!


Questions? Feel free to email Hannah at

Enchant Yourself: Self Care for When the Horrors Persist, But So Must You

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