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Seasonal Enchantments


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Intentional tidbits and joyful morsels for celebrating the seasons with childlike wonder

About the Workbooks

Imagine you come home from work on Friday evening. As you close the door, you can't help but smile because the house already smells like pumpkin candles. Your eyes land on your Holiday decorations as you hang up your coat, and your smile widens - the heirlooms mixed with new delights is such a lovely blend. During dinner, you chat with your family about the activity you have planned for the evening - you have a stack of children's book about the season that will hold everyone's attention for the length of a mug of hot chocolate, and the paper and scissors all ready to make paper snowflakes after. You've never realized how cozy doing things by candlelight can be, and after everyone else is in bed, you take a moment to simply gaze at the lights and listen to the Holiday playlist softly playing in the background. You can almost feel your heart growing, just like the Grinch!

Sounds idyllic, doesn't it? This is a simple version of how a Winter evening could look with a little intention and attention to childlike joy. After one particularly busy and unfulfilling season, I started to watch the children around me and how, for them, every moment was a celebration!  I realized that it's not necessarily about fancy and elaborate, but intentional and joyful. If they were doing something that made them happy, it was a huge success. So, why not borrow that bit of wisdom from the little ones?

The magic of each season looks and feels different, and these workbooks are about keeping you present in the joy. Giving yourself sense reminders of the season so it doesn't pass in a blur of homework and doing dishes. Being intentional and child-like about celebration will bring you joy and enhance the memories your family has of each season!


Still not sure?

A sneak peak of what you'll find in the workbook each season...

Choose a Word of the Season

Movie, Book, and Activity Suggestions

Filling your Senses with the Season

How to Create a Season Ritual

And so much more!

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