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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a workbook?

One workbook is only $25. Each season there will be a new workbook with new activities and ideas for celebrating the next three months, and your purchase also includes a bi-weekly email newsletter that will have bonus book recommendations, recipes, crafts, yoga poses, mindfulness, and much more!

How are the seasons divided?

For ease, each season is 3 calendar months! Winter = December, January, February. Spring = March, April, May. Summer = June, July, August. Autumn = September, October, November. If holidays overlap, they'll be noted in both seasonal workbook!

What Holidays are included in the workbooks?

These workbooks are for EVERYONE, regardless of religion. Although I couldn't include every single holiday, you'll see references, activities, and books for a variety of religious and non-religious practices, traditions, and holidays - some you might not even know about! I believe that learning about new things makes us happier and more inclusive, so if you celebrate a holiday that's not in there, but you think I'd love, share it with me!

What if I'm single/on a tight budget/am living away from home?

Then you've come to the right place! These workbooks are truly for EVERYONE! Childlike wonder is most certainly not limited to those who are young or who have young ones in their lives. This process is all about creativity and creating a season that feels joyful for you! And I'm a firm believer that you don't have to spend a fortune to find the joy in the season.

Oh no! I've just discovered you and it's already halfway into the season! Am I too late?

Absolutely not! You can join at any point in the season and you'll immediately start receiving the bi-weekly email newsletter and filling the rest of your season with childlike wonder and intentional joy!

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