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Car Questions for Better Conversations with Kids

How was school today?


What did you do?


Does this dialogue sound familiar? Do you struggle to get your child to talk about what happened at school and how their day was? Let’s get more specific, so they can’t help but start that animated, engaged conversation you’ve always dreamed of sharing with your family!

What’s something you did today that made you proud? If nothing, is there something you could have done differently?

What is one thing that made you smile or laugh today? What is one thing that was boring and why?

Who is your favorite teacher and why? Who is your least favorite teacher, and what could they do to make you like them more?

What is your favorite thing about school? Least favorite? Why?

Can you teach me something you learned today?

At the beginning of the day, ask your child to look for 3 things that make them happy today. They don’t have to go out of their way, just to notice them. It can be as simple as a friend’s bright purple shirt or a favorite game in PE or getting to go to the library.

Knowing that these kinds of questions will be coming will encourage your child to keep an eye out for things to tell you about. It’s the same theory as keeping a gratitude list – the more you look for something, the more you notice it! 

Share with us the questions that have proven the most successful with your kids! What do they like to talk about at the end of the school day?

Originally posted on on August 16, 2022

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