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Celebrate a Silly Holiday

As we go back to school and a regular work routine, do things start to feel a little…blah? Do you look at the calendar and dream about Thanksgiving or the holiday break? Why not insert a little whimsy and joy into the everyday by celebrating a silly holiday!

There are plenty of lists online of silly holidays you can choose from! In September, you could celebrate:

September 9 – Wonderful Weirdos Jour

September 12 – Chocolate Milk Shake Jour

September 15 – Make a Hat Jour

September 19 – Talk Like a Pirate Day

September 25 – Comic Book Day

September 28 – Good Neighbor Day

Or, you could make up your OWN holiday to celebrate and from now on it goes on the family calendar. Now it’s something special you all can look forward to forever. What about Donuts for Breakfast Day? Or Monday Movie Night Day? Or Kids Make Dinner Day? Or Spaghetti for Breakfast Day? Picnic Dinner in the Yard Day (see the photo from my childhood)? It could be anything – what would delight your family?!

The goal here isn’t to give you more things to stress about, so it can be as simple as dyeing the breakfast eggs a goofy color or as extravagant as full-blown decorations and activities. You get to decide! 

Do you think your family would be on board with celebrating a silly holiday? What kind of impact can you imagine on a child’s day, and on your own? What would you like to celebrate this year? Share with us!

Originally posted on on September 5th, 2022

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