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Celebrate May Day

Does your family celebrate May Day? Originally celebrated in medieval times, modern Europeans still use the day to celebrate the arrival of Spring. If you haven’t “officially” celebrated the return of longer and warmer days, why not try a new celebration with your family? The significance of the original reasons behind some of the rituals observed on May Day have been lost to time, but most people now celebrate just because it’s fun! 

  • Gather wildflowers and fill your home with scented joy! Do you have a favorite wildflower? At my parent’s house, there’s an overabundance of Queen Anne’s Lace and Black Eyed Susans. Here in Sarasota, I love to see the jasmine vines sprouting up. Scent is an exceptionally strong memory holder, so enjoy it!

  • Learn the names of your favorite Springtime flowers. Do you always pass a little purple flower on your drive to school and think it’s pretty, but have no idea what it is? Take today to learn the names of 3 of your favorites!

  • Dance around a maypole! You may have an image in your mind of ribbons and walking in a circle around a pole, but there’s actually a special way to wrap the ribbons so they’re braided and it’s like a fun dance! Look it up online and get the whole family involved!

  • Have a picnic! Enjoy the sunshine and the flowers with an outdoor picnic. If you have a farmer’s market near you, pick up some fresh fruit and veggies and make it a party!

  • If April showers try to put a damper on your festivities, read a book about Spring! Check out the list of books on this website if you need some inspiration!

Has your family ever celebrated May Day? What are some of your favorite ways to welcome in Spring? Share with us your best ideas!

Originally published on on 4/25/2022

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