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Choosing a Cozy Hobby

The weather is getting cooler, and the sun is setting earlier. Your internal guide is saying to find something cozy to do on those long Winter evenings. But what?

My first bit of advice is to find something to do as a family. Maybe you’ve heard of the popular concept of hygge? But it’s sometimes misconstrued as simply surrounding yourself with coziness. In fact, hygge is surrounding yourself with coziness AND with people you like! Next, remember that whatever you decide to do should be for fun and it doesn’t have to be perfect. So, what feels cozy to you?

Is it…

  • Learning to knit?

  • Having family reading nights?

  • Watching every Disney movie made in the last 5 years?

  • Learning to concoct delicious warm drinks?

  • Storytelling?

  • Hand sewing dolls for gifts for friends?

  • Filling up a sketchbook or learning watercolor?

  • Listening to records by candlelight?

  • Learning to play a musical instrument?

  • Planning a scavenger hunt? Or a roadtrip for geocaching?

  • Cooking up an elegant meal? Or the most extravagant cheese tray?

What cozy hobby would you like to explore this Winter? Share it with me!

Originally posted on on November 7th, 2022

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