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Create a DIY Costume

Halloween is coming and your child is on idea number 15 of what they want to be to go trick or treating. Or maybe they’re too cool to go door-to-door, but want a costume that will make all their friends jealous. But you’d like to find a way to find a way to make this once-a-year event more sustainable and creative! How about making a DIY costume this year?

Think outside the box. First of all, there’s no need to be hemmed in by the year’s most popular movie characters or whatever Pinterest moms do. Have a major brainstorming session! Think of abstract concepts or that very specific thing your child is interested in! They could be an entire stage play, the feeling thoughtfulness, or the Titanic. Why not?

Thrift your materials. Once you have an idea, finding the materials is next up. Go to Goodwill and see what pops out at you! Dig in the recycling bin and the garage! You never know what you’ll find.

Get creative. Did you know that trick-or-treating tots in St. Louis, Missouri are often expected to tell a joke before they get their candy? As a kid, I always wanted to do a little performance for each house as part of my costume. If you, or your child, are worried people won’t know what they are upon sight, practice an interesting way to explain it!

Get creative, part 2. Rethink something that everyone recognizes. Before the Harry Potter movies came out, my sister wanted to go as the boy wizard. But what did a wizard cloak look like? I sewed her costume that year, using my imagination, and it’s still one of the cutest costumes ever – you can see it in the photo here! Why not revamp a character from a book that everyone usually recognizes from the movie version?

What’s been your favorite Halloween costume throughout the years? I used to dress up with my dog, Carole, each year – my favorite was Madeline and Miss Clavel! Share your favorite costumes with us!

Originally posted on on October 19th, 2022

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