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Create a Favorite Things List

 When was the last time someone asked you, What’s your favorite color? Could you name your child’s favorite book or author? How about Papa’s favorite food? We’ve just celebrated Valentine’s Day, so you’ve probably had your fill of chocolate, but another way to show people you love them is to learn about them. One fun way to do this is to create Favorite Things lists for everyone in the family!

            I’d recommend doing this together, around the table with dessert or curled up in a cozy place together. Create a template that includes items like favorite color, food, movie, book, place to visit, fabric to feel, cartoon character, warm drink, dream vacation, whatever you can think of – and pass it out to everyone to fill out. You can read them aloud and get everyone’s answers as you all write them down – some of them may surprise and delight you!

            Once you have the completed lists, make sure names are at the top so you can identify each list of Favorite Things. Now, keep the lists somewhere special – maybe on the refrigerator or in a drawer. This is a fabulous resource when people get stumped for gifts, or want to do something special for someone in the family. Bust out those Favorite Things Lists and get some inspiration!

            Has your family ever made a favorite things list? Do you think making these lists would be helpful for gift-giving in the future? Comment with an item you’d like to have on a Favorite Things list for your family!

Originally featured on 2/22/2022

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