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Create a Playlist to Shape Your Child’s Day

Is there a song that you just can’t help but dance to when you hear it? Do you feel inexplicably happy when a Backstreet Boys song comes on your playlist? We use playlists to shape our own moods and days, why not use one to help a kid in your life have the best day ever?

First off, you have to find out what song makes them just need to dance! Starting the day off this way, or having it on reserve when they need a pick-me-up, is something I highly recommend. Maybe it even starts off right when they wake up! If you have a kid who could sleep until noon, why not try to use their booty shaking favorite as an alarm?

Think of how you would like them to feel as they move into the school day. Focused? Excited? Calm? Encouraged? Look through the songs you already have on repeat and choose some favorites that invoke those feelings. Any music app will make it super easy to discover new music for kids – a few of my favorites are Andrew & Polly, Splash ‘N Boots, Laurie Berkner, Shana Banana, Emily Arrow, and The Okee Dokee Brothers. And if you’re feeling a little whacky, check out a favorite childhood album of mine – My Name is Cheech The School Bus Driver – it’s so weird and delightful.

You can also ask for suggestions and let them be the DJ in the car sometimes! Kids, especially ones who are a little older, can have a lot of opinions that they don’t get to express or feel like they never get to make the decisions. This is a great opportunity! Songs can lead into bigger discussions on themes and their likes and dislikes.

What would you put on a playlist to shape your child’s day? Do you think you would use this technique to get your day moving? Share with us!

Originally posted on on August 22, 2022

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