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From Butterflies to Bubbles - The Joys of Spring

After a long cold Winter, the pleasures of Spring always seem to do wonders for our moods. Here are a few of my favorite activities to fully experience the joy of Spring:

· Blow bubbles. Because when was the last time you did? And I’m not saying watch your children do it – you have to join in! Blowing bubbles creates a beautiful mindful breath flow that makes your brain happy.

· Get outside. Finally, you can shed the Winter layers! Have a picnic! Ride a bike! Take a walk! Pick some flowers! Your body loves sunshine (don’t forget to wear sunscreen)!

· Learn about butterflies. Go to a local botanical garden, and there is likely to be some butterflies. Oftentimes there will be some educational corner where you can see a chrysalis or two as the butterflies form. Maybe you can even plant some flowers in your yard that will attract more to see!

· Love on the Earth. Can you organize a trash pickup in your favorite park or around your school? Does your favorite beach need a little love after Spring Break? The easiest way to show you care is to keep trash off the ground.

· Plant a tree. Or if that feels too ambitious, plant a flower. If even that is too much, buy a flower that’s already blooming and water it!

What is your favorite way to enjoy the simple pleasures of Spring? Put them in the comments and we can all feel a little more joyful as Spring arrives!

Originally featured on 3/1/2022

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