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Have a Random Acts of Kindness Day

We all love to read those heart-warming stories about random acts of kindness, and it’s easy to bring that kind of joy to your family, too! Start small, and then if you’re feeling ambitious, you can expand from there.

· Announce the Random Acts of Kindness Day. While I realize this does make it not-so-random, giving your children some ideas for how they might like to celebrate ahead of time will spark their imagination. They might come up with some ideas you could never have dreamed up! Often, acts of kindness need to have at least a bit of planning involved.

· Gather your supplies. Decide what kind of things you want to do. Encourage everyone in the family to think of something kind to do for someone in the house. Then, once you’re all charged up with that joyful energy, look to the community. Is there someone in need? Could they use clothing or food or money? If you want to do something big, figure out what you need. Sometimes all you have to offer is a smile and a compliment, and that absolutely counts!

· Decide whether to let people know about your day or to keep it anonymous. Either way, people will feel the kindness spreading, but they might be inspired by hearing your story. There’s no right way to do it, so you decide!

· Get out there and make someone’s day! Sometimes it’s weird at first. If you’ve decided to compliment everyone you meet, you might feel a little embarrassed at first, but just keep going. If you run into someone who doesn’t want to accept the kindness you’re offering, that’s ok too. Sometimes people feel awkward when kindness is directed at them, especially if they don’t experience it often.

Have you ever experienced a random act of kindness? How did it make you feel? What sort of things would you do for your family and your community on your random acts of kindness day?

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