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How to Add Enchantment to the Everyday

Life gets busy. You’ve got to go grocery shopping and cook dinner and help with homework and time-budget for all the cool kid’s activities that are available in Sarasota. It seems like moments of enchantment only get to happen when everyone’s on vacation, totally relaxed, and you’ve planned it out perfectly. We often don’t stop to consider how spontaneous moment of real enchantment are – don’t get me wrong, the 3 minutes spent hugging Cinderella at Disney that you planned a year in advance will be great – but what if you could infuse little sprinkles of enchantment into the everyday?

  • Think about what tiny things make you and your kids truly happy. I’m talking popsicles on a Summer day, catching a lizard after chasing it all afternoon, or finding the exact book you were looking for at the used book store by your house. As you encounter them, stop and think, “This makes me happy!” and write it down. Keep a list on your phone or on paper on the kitchen counter. With a proven list at your disposal, you can not only see how much joy is in your life, you also know where to look if everyone is having a bad day and needs a boost!

  • Get outside and wander. Have you ever heard of the French word FLÂNEUR? It is a person who walks aimlessly, basically someone who strolls. When was the last time you took a walk with your family without a specifically defined purpose? Not going anywhere or getting exercise, just sauntering. Give it a try.

  • Take a micro view of the world. Usually we spend so much time trying to get the big picture just right, that we lose sight of the smaller things – and this is where enchantment blossoms. A ladybug landing on your shirt, the way the light slants into your living room at sunset, the twinkle in your child’s eye when they’re telling you an almost true story. Did you know there are fairy doors all over Sarasota? But how often are you looking that low on the sides of buildings? Zoom in and see what joy you find.

  • Take a deep breath. That’s it. When was the last time you took a super deep, fill up your whole belly and both of your lungs breath? Smile as you let it out. You can’t think or notice fantastic things if you aren’t breathing.

  • Wear things that make you smile. Whether it’s because they’re soft or your favorite color or sparkly or totally ridiculous. Kids already know how to do this, adults sometimes need to re-learn.

  • Plan a surprise. When was the last time you had a big cake for dessert on a Tuesday? Or chocolate croissants for breakfast? Or took the day off and scoured the beach for the best shells? Have your kids every heard The Unbirthday Song? As much as humans crave routine, we also delight in surprise!

  • Try something new. Maybe there’s something around town you’ve been meaning to take the family to do, and never got around to it. Or perhaps you heard about something you know your kids will absolutely go bananas for. Or there’s one food that none of you have ever had and an experiment seems like fun. Go for it!

What are some ways you like to bring enchantment to your family? Is it easy or do you struggle with it? Let us know and share your ideas!

Originally featured on 1/11/22

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