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How to Take a Road Trip

 Does the idea of planning a road trip with kids stress you out? Road trips can be an awesome experience to show kids their country and have time to connect as a family!

Step 1: Make a plan. Trust me on this one. There will be enough spontaneity with the necessary rest stops and meals and “we have to stop for the world’s largest ball of string” moments. Decide where you want to go and where you will sleep. Even if it’s just a weekend, you want to make sure everyone has time to decompress at the end of the day.

Step 2: Strategize your packing. If you’re like me, you’ll have a 50 point packing list. If you’re not, you already know what you need – clothes, toiletries, etc. But don’t forget SNACKS and THINGS TO DO in the car. Make sure there are plenty of available, easy to eat snacks (even though we all know that inevitably, gas station snacks will taste so much better) to stave off hanger. 

Step 3: Keep it interesting. A fun idea for keeping people entertained (if you don’t want to use electronics) is to have a “surprise bag” and fill it with things like Mad Libs, coloring books, etch-a-sketch, audio books for kids, very special snacks, or a stash of old-fashioned car games (think: license plate bingo or the ABC game or who can find the weirdest attraction or town name)

Step 4: Let it flow. Give yourself space to go with the flow. The best memories are usually the surprises or things that go wrong, so don’t stress. As long as you’re together, and you have snacks, enjoy the ride!

Have you taken a road trip with your family? What are your best tips for family road tripping in style? Share with us in the comments!

Originally featured on 3/21/2022

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