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Looking Back for Inspiration Moving Forward – Making Friends in a Cemetery

Have you ever visited a cemetery – for fun? If you go during the day, and with a game in mind, it’s not as spooky as it sounds! I love to explore small town graveyards and “meet” the people. Here are a few ideas of fun things to do for a cemetery adventure:

  • Make it a treasure hunt and see who can find the oldest grave.

  • Spend some time cleaning a few that need some love.

  • Make a list of your favorite names.

  • Sometimes graves have photos etched on them, take a minute to stop and say hi.

  • Look for the grave with the most mysterious epitaph and make up a story about what it means.

  • If you find a headstone with a recipe on it, definitely take a photo and give it a try, it has to be good!

  • Find someone who looks interesting and google their obituary – you may have found a new everyday hero!

Seeing how people did things in the past is a great way to gather inspiration moving forward. I once “met” a lady who had lived a pretty conventional first part of her life, then at 50 she did a total career and life change and went on all sorts of exciting adventures! She inspired me to start taking the adventures now, instead of waiting for a second act. What can you learn from the people who came before you, even if you didn’t know them?

Does this sound like a fun Halloween-y activity you’d do with your family, or is it too creepy for you? Let us know!

Originally posted on on October 24th, 2022

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