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Make a Back to School Countdown

It’s almost time for back-to-school! Are you counting the days or dreading the end of Summer? Either way, mini celebration is a great way to transition into something new – and who doesn’t love an Advent Calendar? Sure, we usually do them leading up to Christmas, but why not create a Back-to-School countdown calendar to kick the year off with a spirit of celebration?

You could do the month or the week leading up to school (or if you homeschool, and you’ve been on a Summer break, when you’ll begin in earnest again), and each day share a treat or activity to get your child excited! Here are some of my favorite ideas for things to put in the calendar:

  • School supplies! All those fun pencils and notebooks and whatever. Although, if your child is like me, maybe it’s a trip to the store to buy the supplies that would be the most fun!

  • Buy/ repurpose a backpack! Whether they need a new one, or their old one needs some cool patches to make it feel more like them this year, having a chosen day to do it makes it feel special.

  • Meet the teacher day! Put this on the calendar because it’s exciting! Teachers work so hard to get their classrooms ready, and they’re just as excited to meet as your child is.

  • Shop for school clothes! Whether they’ve outgrown their old uniform, they need new gym shoes, or their style has TOTALLY changed – it’s fun to start the school year off feeling fresh and fly!

  • One last trip to the theme park! If you’ve got a season pass to Busch Gardens or Disney or the local water park, choose a day to do your ceremonial last Summer trip – even if you know you’ll go on a weekend once school starts. Make it a thing so it feels extra special Summery!

  • Make the “last day of Summer” special! Maybe you get ice cream at your favorite local shop after dinner or go to the beach before bedtime. Maybe you make the entire day a “Yes Day” for the kids and let them plan their dream day before school get started!

It’s fun to mark the time with special things and something like an Advent calendar or countdown gets us excited – even, and especially, if we know it’s the start of a busy or stressful time. What would you put in your Back-to-School Countdown? Let us know!

Originally posted on on August 9, 2022

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