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Plan an Adventure

Is there anything that feels more like Summer than an adventure? Here are a few ideas for getting your family excited to explore the world!

  • Find a nearby State or National Park. These are absolutely gems of adventure! Maybe there’s a cool river or bridge to discover! Or a hike! Can you find some fossils or bones or rocks? Here in Sarasota, I love Myakka River State Park!

  • Plan a treasure hunt. If you want to have a little more control over your adventure, or you need to stay close to your house, why not plan a treasure hunt? Maybe plant small items along the way – pencils, pennies, stickers – and at the end there’s something exciting like a popsicle!

  • Use it as an excuse to try new things. Wishing you could get your family excited about trying that new restaurant in town? Make it into an adventure and give them clues to lead up to it. Read a book about the country the cuisine comes from or watch a movie set there. Anything can be an adventure – a trip to the dentist, grocery pickup, a day at the park!

  • Try geocaching. If you want a real adventure, download the Geocaching app and see what you can find!

What are your favorite kinds of adventures to go on with your family? Share your ideas with us!

Originally posted on on July 25, 2022

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