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Prompts to Get Your Family Connecting

I’ve rarely spoken to a busy Mom or Dad who say, “Our family feels SO connected! I know exactly what’s going on in the mind of my 14 year old, and we get to rehash our entire days one at a time at our nightly check-ins, and interpret our dreams each morning together over breakfast.” If that’s you, congratulations…and you can come back to this blog next week! But if you’re like most of us, you mostly feel like you’re running around like a chicken with your head cut off and thrilled when everything seems like it’s running smoothly because everyone got to the after-school activity they signed up for on Kivity on time. Even if you don’t have hours to deep-dive into everyone’s thoughts and feelings every minute, an intentional weekly check-in can help everyone feel more heard and connected. Why not try some of these prompts to get them talking?

  • What is something, big or small, that brought you joy this week? It’s been proven that if you know someone is going to ask you this, you’ll be actively looking for these moments. A happy side effect is that you’ll feel like there’s more joy in your life, simply by noticing it! This is also a great way to discover what brings your family joy – it might surprise you!

  • What is one thing that’s making you feel nervous this week? Whether it’s a spelling test or a hard conversation with a friend, this question can open up a larger discussion that will allow you to help or offer support in whatever way they need.

  • What is something, big or small, you wish we could do this week? With the understanding that you might not be able to actually do the things, but it’s ok to dream big, these answers might come out of left field, and that’s the fun of it! It could be something you realize can be a long-term goal for the family to work toward, like a trip to Disney, or something as easy to accomplish as everyone reading a story or watching a movie together before bed. Let people, adults and children, tell you what they want! 

  • List 10 things you love about [insert family member]! Maybe it’s someone’s birthday, or perhaps you can tell they’re really struggling and could use a lift. Work as a team to come up with 10 things, or let each person come up with their own 10, and everyone will leave the conversation feeling uplifted!

Do you struggle to find time to connect with your family? If so, what strategies have you used in the past that worked or didn’t work? Share your thoughts, and feel free to comment with other prompts you love!

Originally featured on 2/2/2022

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