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Try Something New Tuesday

How often do you and your family try something new? It can be very easy to fall into routines, and when you find something you love, why not? But our brains enjoy novelty, and creating an “event” around it can get kids excited about being adventurous and trying new things. Whether it’s each week or just once a month, why not have a Try Something New Tuesday?

  • I love a list! If you are the kind of person who can keep everything in your head and you never need to write anything down, more power to you, but that is not me. I will see something exciting and forget about it 5 minutes later. When I see someplace or something new I want to try, I write it down. Actually, I have a note on my phone, so when I’m out and about and trying to decide what I want to do, it’s easy to consult. Keep a list of places your family wants to try!

  • Decide how often you want to Try Something New Tuesday. Something new every week might feel overwhelming to add to an already busy schedule, but could you do once per month? I’m talking put-it-on-the-calendar kind of planning, so everyone can get excited about it. I like Tuesday because it feels weirdly luxurious to do something exciting on a Tuesday! Why? I’m not sure, but try it and tell me what you think.

  • Make it clear that the expectation is to try something new, but it doesn’t have to be everyone’s cup of tea. Assuming that you’re not going to be trying anything death-defying, most people can handle something they don’t like once. One bite into sushi and the 6-year-old says NOPE? Rice, edamame, chicken teriyaki, and mochi for dessert are always an option.

  • Keep a record of the new things you’ve tried. Maybe you take a photo at each new place or collect a menu or small souvenir – at the end of the year, how cool will it be to look back at all the things you tried, and maybe now some of those things are favorite things you didn’t even know about at the beginning of the year?

What’s something new you’d like to try with your family this year? Do you have any great tips for helping reluctant kids be more adventurous? Share them with us!

Originally published on on 4/11/2022

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