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This is a physical copy of the workbook, which will be mailed to you!

 If purchasing as a gift, please use the "Gift a Workbook" listing. The first emails will be sent out the first week of June, and if bought after, you will receive the next email to go out.


This workbook is about keeping you present in the magic of the Season. Giving yourself sense reminders of the season so it doesn't pass in a blur of homework and doing dishes. Being intentional and child-like about celebration will bring you joy and enhance the memories your family has of each season!


Including everything from movie, book and activity suggestions to creating a word of the season to making a "Must Do" list for the season, this workbook will help you craft your best Summer yet! 


With your purchase of the workbook, you will also be placed on a mailing list for a bi-weekly seasonal email... you'll get bonus seasonal magic in your inbox including recipes, craft ideas, poems, and more from June - August! Make sure to check your spam folder!


I can't wait to celebrate the season with you!

2024 Summer Enchantments Workbook -Printed Version

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